Candise solved my decades long struggles with food

Since I was in my 20’s in the 1980’s, I struggled with acid reflux and upset stomachs after eating. I always believed there was a solution, and refused to take over the counter remedies or prescription medicines such as the “purple pill”. Bit by bit I made progress by reading books and trying my own experiments, but eating remained a fearful experience. I couldn’t find any one approach that worked.
It seemed that instead of providing energy for life, food consumed my energy and time with the effort to cope with after-meal discomfort.
In December 2014 I met Candise at a spiritual program in Cambodia, and she told me about her expertise in plant based diets. I had become a dedicated vegetarian a few months earlier, but even that didn’t seem to make a difference. A few months later, I called Candise to see if she could advise me.
She was completely confident she could help, which was inspiring in itself. Her suggestions were surprising to me, and also a lot of fun. She told me we weren’t going to try to move too fast. Her goal was to get me to start the day with different food choices, and then work step by step through changes to each meal that came later in the day. She advised me to not be self-critical if I didn’t do things perfectly. That helped me build confidence to go forward each day with her plan.
Within the first day, I could see I was on the right track. Then, week by week, I could feel my whole digestive system healing. Candise told me that our goal was to restore my “digestive fire”, and I began to experience a whole new feeling of vitality in my digestive system. The energy that had previously gone into struggling and negative emotions started becoming available for exercise, work, and life in general.
She showed me with food how food affects each part of my life. Week by week, I was intuitively making different food choices at the grocery store. My desire for the foods that caused suffering in me dwindled away until I found myself on a fully plant based diet, and feeling healthier and happier than I could remember.
One of the most exciting thing was reaching a milestone that solidly proved my digestive system had healed. When I first started working with Candise, the idea of eating an orange was perhaps the most scary, as it would cause almost immediate pain in my stomach. Now, I can eat four oranges and grapefruit in a in a day, and drink as much fresh orange juice as I wish. It is such a thrill to be able to eat citrus fruit with confidence again after nearly thirty years avoiding it!
I am eternally grateful and fortunate to have found Candise. I recommend her highly to everyone who would like greater health and happiness in their lives.
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Food has NEVER tasted so good!
I had never heard of a Raw food diet, until I was introduced to Candise via a 90 day workout/eating challenge I had been invited to.  I had agreed to the exercise program, then found out after the fact that there was a nutritionist involved.  I was excited until I heard the words….Raw Food only.

I will admit, I was ready to quit 3 days in.  I had to think about food to eat, and dreaded the thought of eating lettuce for the next 90 days.   Candise sat in the background supporting our group but letting us find our own way in the process.    I am so glad I stuck it out!    Food has NEVER tasted so good.
My daily diet now consists of smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables and cooked Vegan meals in the evening.   I don’t miss bread, sweets, meat, black tea or coffee.  Have no cravings and feel amazing.  I even lost 5 lbs during the 90 days…an added bonus for me.  My skin is younger looking and my arthritis in my hands has diminished.
Candise was a great source of information, encouragement and knowledge.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to take control of their own body, mind and eating habits.
To Candise – Thank you for  helping me get excited about produce and cooking as well as being able to really enjoy food without guilt for the first time in a long time.
Lesley Hruby
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