5 Thriving Raw Foodists

Transform your Life with the RawFood lifestyle! Here are 5 Amazing people that have inspired my RawFood Journey ! If you want to lose weight, live healthy, think clearly, have radiant skin and eyes, protect the environment and save animals...click the link to find out how! CLICK HERE !!!¬†5-thriving-raw-foodists  


3 tips for the Raw Food Beginner

I've had a few questions on how to go Fully Raw Vegan so below are a few recommendations for a healthy transition. 3 Tips when going Fully Raw Vegan Clean out your fridge. Make your fridge like new and toss all processed foods. Create a beautiful space for your new fruits and veggies. Pack your fridge [...]

BE KIDS Sattvic Coconut Bliss Balls

Today at Bridge and Enrich Society I had a ton of fun making sweet, sticky and healthy coconut bliss balls. We explored cracking a mature coconut, smelling its sweet fragrance, feeling it's hairy exterior, hearing the crack of the shell, and tasting it's creamy fruit and refreshing water. It was also fun to learn that [...]