Last Week @ Bridge & Enrich After School Program Nov 11/16


BE KIDS Sattvic Coconut Bliss Balls

Today at Bridge and Enrich Society I had a ton of fun making sweet, sticky and healthy coconut bliss balls. We explored cracking a mature coconut, smelling its sweet fragrance, feeling it's hairy exterior, hearing the crack of the shell, and tasting it's creamy fruit and refreshing water. It was also fun to learn that [...]

Join Me in the Kitchen…

Join Me at Bridge and Enrich Lives Society this Sunday Nov, 15th For BE Kids Day... Let's have fun creating Sweet, Yummy, Raw cookies. The best baking, no waiting. Just create and Eat! An opportunity to have fun with life's pure creation, whole fresh food. Fresh Ingredients Include: Coconut, Raisins, Dates, Cacao, and More! [...]