Last Week @ Bridge & Enrich After School Program Nov 11/16


3 tips for the Raw Food Beginner

I've had a few questions on how to go Fully Raw Vegan so below are a few recommendations for a healthy transition. 3 Tips when going Fully Raw Vegan Clean out your fridge. Make your fridge like new and toss all processed foods. Create a beautiful space for your new fruits and veggies. Pack your fridge [...]

Creamy Cauliflower Confetti Salad

Helpful Tips: How to buy / what to look for If the leaves are in good condition, chances are the florets are too. If you do end up with one that's going a bit brown, trim and eat immediately as it won't last very long. Nutrition Lots of vitamin C, B6, folate, protein and fibre. Storage Keep [...]

The Scary Truth: What happened to my Energy?

I hadn't done any research before starting the Fully Raw Lifestyle so I had no idea what to expect. I didn't even think about what might happen, especially to my energy level. I was always what I considered an active person. I biked almost daily and had a regular daily yoga practice. I felt good and relatively strong. [...]