Indiana Jones and The Raw Food Lifestyle

indiana-jones Holy GrailWho Remembers the moment when Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail? I do. It’s more ingrained in my memory than the taste of cheese. Well…that could be an exaggeration. The point is that since I started on the Raw Food Diet I feel as though I’ve found the Holy Grail.  I can see clearly now how food has such a profound way of influencing my life physically, mentally and emotionally. Since making the switch to Raw Food I see how most of my illness and symptoms were directly tied to the foods I ate. I used to find it easy making tweaks here and there, trying different foods, supplements, medications, but I always wondered when would the juggling act end. Is life always meant to be interrupted with disease and/or depression? Is there another way? Could the foods we eat influence our life choices? What if the single key to health wasn’t a diet but a lifestyle? What if that key started opening doors we didn’t even know existed.

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