The Scary Truth: What happened to my Energy?

I hadn’t done any research before starting the Fully Raw Lifestyle so I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t even think about what might happen, especially to my energy level. I was always what I considered an active person. I biked almost daily and had a regular daily yoga practice. I felt good and relatively strong. At the time I thought my energy levels were great. Then once I started the Raw Food lifestyle I went through a dramatic shift. I was no longer satisfied with just biking and yoga. I wanted to do more. I wanted to Bike more, practice Yoga more, Run, and Swim. All I wanted to do was move my body. It wasn’t the kind of jittery energy that swells up inside that makes the body uncomfortable. It was a shift in thinking from I can’t to I can and then I had the energy to back that up. So I put on my old runners and started Running around the Sea Wall. This 8km path around Stanley Park and along the ocean was the perfect place to start. Not only did I feel amazing being outside experiencing Vancouver’s most pristine waterfront trail, but it was incredible knowing that I had the energy to do it. So in truth my energy levels climbed as a result of eating Raw Food and there was really nothing scary about it.

Vancouver Sea Wall

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